I totally missed posting on Christmas day. We had such a wonderful day, minus the waking up at 4:58 am. Carson is cutting his last 2 bottom teeth so he has been restless the last few days. We woke up and came in the living him, where the tree and presents were. He said “WOW” and just looked at the presents and then looked at me. I was really surprised he did not try to get in them. My parents and my brother were coming over so we decided to wait on them before opening presents. They arrived around 9 and Brandon cooked us a wonderful breakfast and we opened presents.
One of my worries with Carson is over indulging him. We said we wouldn’t buy alot but of course we did. I just hope we can spoil him while teaching him to appreciate what he has. I want him to know that he is blessed to have the things he does and cherish them.
Carsons biggest gift was the train table and train set. We waited until the afternoon to put the train set together because he was overwhelmed and tired. He LOVES it! I learned quickly that I will have to do something to hold the track together because he’s taken it apart several times. He also got a basketball goal and ball, a blanket from grandmother, cars, clothes and several books. It was a great day. Brandon and I couldn’t help but dream about Christmas next year. We will be in our house and I plan on going all out with the decorating.
We will be leaving Monday for Tom and Debbies house. I always love going down there. Chelsea and Aydan will be flying in on Tuesday and it should be fun. She has never seen Carson and we’ve never seen Aydan. I can’t wait for the boys to meet and play together.
Well, I’m going to pop some pop corn and relax a bit before bed. I don’t want to write anything yet but I’m hoping I have some good news to share after the first of the year.

One of those days…..

Well, it’s been rainy all day. I decided to stay in and get some much needed cleaning done. Carson decided to help me vacuum. He would cry every time I cut the vacuum off so he ended up playing with it for about 30 minutes. We also took a really long bubble bath. He is so much fun to be with. I can really tell that I am going to have my hands full with him. It’s fun watching the world through him. He’s so curious and daring. Oh Well, never a dull moment.

House building

Our house building has begun. We are so excited! They broke ground yesterday and I stayed out there almost all day watching. I can’t believe we are finally building our dream home.
We flew back in from Tampa on Sunday night. We went and spent Thanksgiving with our friends Joe and Kristi. We really had a great time. We were in shorts and T-shirts the entire time. We took Carson to the zoo and the aquarium while we were there.