New house

Well, we are about 4 or 5 weeks out from closing. I can’t believe it’s almost finished. We are sooooo very excited! These last few weeks have been a little stressful with wondering how it’s all going to come together, picking out some new furniture and trying to decide on last minute things we need. I’ve been so tired these first weeks of pregnancy. I’m glad we’ve decided to hire a moving company because I really don’t feel up to moving. I’ve really decided to just not worry about it. It WILL come together and everything will be fine.

Here are the latest pictures

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Hey! I'm Amy. I'm a nurse turned SAHM, homeschooling mama to 4 awesome kids, wife to one amazing husband and I have a barn full of goats and chickens, along with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. Whoa! I love Jesus, my family, coffee, watching my people ride BMX, pretty notebooks and pens, and a good book.

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