My heart is so heavy tonight. I’m praying for a family who lost their 2 year old in a tragic accident today. Please hug your children tightly because we never know when God may call them home.

Busy, busy days

So much has been going on this week, life has been super crazy. I think the most important thing this week is that my first born has weaned. WOW! It is definitely bittersweet……..I mean I never gave much thought to breastfeeding when I was pregnant. I was glad to make it 3 weeks let along 3 years. I will say it has been the most amazing experience and I’m so glad that I had that relationship with him. He still loves to talk about it. He tells me ” I like your nursies” or “mommas milk is the best.” I hope he remembers nursing as he get’s older.

We broke ground on our garden last week. This will be my first “real” garden. My dad is helping me with it and that means so much to me. I remember when I was younger helping my dad and my great grandmother in the garden. It’s times like this that I really miss my great grandmother and wish I would have taken the time to learn more from her. We start planting tomorrow and I’m so excited. I hope I can keep Carson and Lucky, our lab under control. Carson thinks it’s his own personal dirt pit. He is such a boy! I’ll post some pics after we finish tomorrow.

Another exciting thing for me is that we found a church. I have been in spiritual crisis for a while. I have felt God pulling me and I just kept ignoring him. I was invited to Inverness Vineyard church by a friend and I loved it. I’ve never felt so welcomed and comfortable as I do there. You can feel God in that place and it’s just amazing. I signed up for “50 days with Jesus” and it’s so good to be reading the bible again and studying the word.