Animal adventures

I admit it! I’m a BAD blogger. I always have good intentions but for some reason I can’t keep up. I want to keep up because I have such a bad memory and I want to remember the little things in our life. Here is what we have been up to over the last several months 🙂

Building this


and this


We’ve been really busy 🙂

The boys are doing great! Carson is taking Taekwondo and just tested for his green stripe belt this week. Here is is getting his award and new belt

He is 4 and he amazes me. He speaks really well and he is so bright for his age. He has a very “spunky” personality and certainly keeps me on my toes.

Camron is now 20 months and he could be the poster child for “all boy.” This child never slows down. He also speaks very well for his age and is curious about everything. There is nothing he won’t climb and jump off of.

We found out that #3 is also a boy 🙂 I predict a lot of loud, wrestling matches later on in this house.

I love my boys! I feel like a referee some days with all the brotherly quarrels. Each day also has those moments were I catch Carson kissing Cam and telling him “I love you” or putting a band aid on his “boo boo.” I hope they always have a close bond and look out for each other.