Christmas Tree

We decided on a fake tree this year. We went on our first outing as a family of 5 to Lowe’s and bought a 9 foot tree. I really love having a real tree but I am pretty sure it would not last very long with Camron around. He is such a SPUNKY little boy. He has the best personality and he is so very cute. He could take the place of about 5 boys šŸ™‚ We have the tree up and we put lights on today so hopefully I’ll finish decorating tomorrow.

We went out for a drive today to pick up our maternity/family/newborn pictures from Natalie. We decided to take the boys to Chick fil A to eat and play. It was a good trip but I don’t think I could handle taking all three out on my own for a while.

Published by blueeyesandbigsmiles

Hey! I'm Amy. I'm a nurse turned SAHM, homeschooling mama to 4 awesome kids, wife to one amazing husband and I have a barn full of goats and chickens, along with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. Whoa! I love Jesus, my family, coffee, watching my people ride BMX, pretty notebooks and pens, and a good book.

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