Great day!

I’ve been neglecting the blog again, sorry.  I keep taking pictures and telling myself that I’ll blog and upload them later and that just never happens.  I’ll try to just give a quick update of what is going on around here.
Carson will be turning 5 next month 😦  I cry every time I think about it.  Seriously, I want to keep him little forever.  He is such an awesome little guy.  He is so sensitive and caring, a great big brother and helper to momma.  He also is feisty and has a mouth on him that occasionally get’s him in trouble.  He is creative and a deep thinker and surprises me with just how much he understands.  We will start homeschooling this year and I think we are going to have a lot of fun.
Camron is my little bear.  He is very hard to keep up with.  He is the cutest most daring little boy.  He doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything.  I love his personality even though he wears me out on a daily basis.  He loves his momma and is such a cuddly little one but has a temper like his daddy.  He loves his big brother and asks for him constantly when Carson is gone.
Calen is 5 months and is the best little baby.  He has the best personality.  He just sits and looks around absorbing everything going on around him.  He loves to watch his big brothers and you can tell he is eager to join them.  He has the best smile and he loves to cuddle with momma.  He rarely cries and as long as he is fed and well rested he is the happiest baby.  I’m anxious to see his personality develop as he get’s older.
We broke up the ground for the garden last week.  I’m really excited about having an in ground garden again.  B and my Dad have been working on putting up a fence this week to keep the chickens and goats out.  I’m hoping to start putting plants in the ground some time next week.  I grew lettuce in a raised bed for the first time.  It is so good!  I’ve been eating salads for lunch almost every day.
The chickens and goats are doing great.  Lucy, the broody hen, decided she wanted to be a momma about 2 weeks ago so after doing some research I decided to get her 3 one day old babies from the feed store.  We waited until dark and put them under her and she has just loved on them ever since.  It really is amazing to watch her protect them and take care of them.  She is a natural momma.  All the animals are spoiled rotten.  All the chickens run after me like dogs.  The goats love to be out and around us while we are in the yard.  It’s fun to have them all running around with us during the day.
B and I are doing great.  B is so good about trying to balance work and spending time with us.  He has really gotten into going to car shows.  He joined the Mopar club and he takes the Dodge and shows it off on the weekends.
I think that is enough updating in one post.  I think my next post may just be pictures 🙂

Published by blueeyesandbigsmiles

Hey! I'm Amy. I'm a nurse turned SAHM, homeschooling mama to 4 awesome kids, wife to one amazing husband and I have a barn full of goats and chickens, along with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. Whoa! I love Jesus, my family, coffee, watching my people ride BMX, pretty notebooks and pens, and a good book.

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