My boys and dolls

The boys love to play with dolls.  They love to hold them and comfort them.  They nurse them, read to them, rock them and put them down for naps.
Last year my grandmother gave me several dolls that I use to play with as a little girl.  I decided to bring them out and let the boys give them some love.  Carson can’t believe that the dolls were mine and he seems to think that is pretty special.  It’s really sweet seeing him love on them.
They are going to be awesome fathers one day.

Wordless Wednesday

Homeschooling pictures

I’m a little behind on updates so I’m just going to overload this post with pictures of what we have been doing.

He was not in the mood for pictures 🙂
Making “clean mud” to play with
days of creation
the littles destroying the house

First day of Co-op

We are going to co-op classes on Friday from 8:30-12.  The boys LOVE it!  Co-op allows them to have some experiences that they would only get in a school setting.  He get’s to have “school pictures” and buy a year book.  We will also have a Kindergarten graduation at the end of the year.  They put on plays and have talent shows.  They also do ton’s of field trips.  The co-op is not ran through a specific cover school so we get the opportunity to join in on different field trip’s.

It is also a great opportunity to get to know other homeschooling families.  I’ve met a lot of other homeschooling moms and it’s great to get to learn from their experiences.

Carson has four classes that he takes.  They are boats of the bible, handwriting, PE and a phonics class.  He has made several friends and he looks forward to going each week.  He loves to tell me all about his school day when it’s over.

Camron goes in the preschool class and he loves it.  We bought him a little back pack and he always asks if he can go to “cool.”

I stay in the nursery with Calen.   The rules require parents of babies to stay with them.  I usually take Calen and go visit them during snack time.