Big day

Today is the day we exercise our right to vote.  We live in this wonderful country were we actually get to vote for our leaders.  I think most of us Americans really take that for granted.  I know I do.  It’s hard to imagine living in a place were you can’t pick your leaders, practice your beliefs, say what is on your mind.  I know we are extremely blessed.

I also know that no matter who wins this election, God is in control.  He is our leader and I pray that no matter who wins that he is glorified.

B and I took all three little ones with us to vote.  I’m sure that was a site seeing us rolling up in the church with our big double wide stroller.  I really wanted Carson to go and experience it.  We voted while they ran around and played.  Now we get to sit back and watch as the results roll in tonight.  I am praying for change and for our country.
Update:  Not the outcome I was hoping for 😦  I pray for our leaders that they will have our best interests at heart.  I pray that Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

2012/2013 Curriculum

I’m actually ashamed to admit how much curriculum I have for a Kindergartener.  I’ve heard some homeschoolers use the term “curriculum junkie” and now I understand.  I think I have learned my lesson and next year plan on attending a homeschool convention to look at the stuff I’m interested in instead of just buying it.  There is just soooo much good stuff out there it’s hard to choose just one 🙂

My plan for Kindergarten is to just focus on the 3 R’s (Math, Reading and Handwriting).  We always do Bible time while eating breakfast.  I also wanted to make sure we were reading a lot of good books.  I printed out several book list and we’ve been making our way through it.  So here is what we are actually using this year 🙂

2012/2013 curriculum

Bible-finishing 100 bible stories, 100 bible songs and then start Family bible story book

Singapore Math-Essentials A and B (almost finished), Primary 1 (standard ed) will probably start after the new year

Phonics/Handwriting-The Logic of English

Geography-reading a lot of books on countries and cultures, including:  Children like me, Around the world in 80 Tales, Atlas of the world, Stories from around the world

Science-we are reading a lot of books on bugs, birds, weather,etc.

Art-Draw Write Now
We are really loving our first year of homeschooling.

The Logic of English

I decided to switch gears on our phonics approach.  I liked what we were using and Carson was doing really well with it but there was just something missing.  He was asking a lot of questions about things we were not covering yet.  I felt like I was constantly telling him we would learn that later or there was a rule for that and we would learn that later.

I was researching other approaches to teaching phonics when I came across The Logic of English by Denise Eide.  I loved what I saw but Essentials is geared toward older students and I wasn’t really sure how to make it work for us.  I heard that the author was in the process of writing a foundations program for Kindergarten students but it was still in beta testing.  I inquired about it and found out they were opening up more slots for people to beta test.  I was a little skeptical about doing it because it’s not finished and there are a lot of unknowns.  I decided to go ahead and try it after emailing with the author and asking some questions.

I am absolutely LOVING the looks of this program.  It teaches all the sounds of the phonograms up front.  It teaches spelling rules and incorporates handwriting.  It also teaches grammar.  I’m not sure I’ll use it for grammar but it will be a great supplement to use if we choose something else.  The author has done a wonderful job of making this program so open and go.  We love that there are so many ideas and games to reinforce the phonograms and what we are learning.  I went ahead and bought the Essentials book and Teacher manual.  I doubt we are going to catch up but if we do and the program has not gone to press yet I wanted to have the other material to use.  The plan is to do foundations this year in Kindergarten and then start Essentials and work through it over a year and a half.