I Love Notebooks!

I Love to write in notebooks, but…….lately, I have had a small problem with just buying notebooks and not using them.   I have really been stuck in this phase of disorganization and it sucks.  I’ve worked really hard lately to get rid of clutter and be more intentional with my time.  So, I have a plan to reignite my notebook use.

  1.  Bible notebook (I use this for my daily study, sermon notes, favorite verses, etc)
  2. Prayer notebook (this is probably the one that I miss the most, fixing that ASAP)
  3. Scattered thought (I might come up with a better name, but this notebook will show the highlights of our family over a month, favorite sayings, memories, etc)
  4. Commonplace/Book notes (favorite quotes, sayings from books that I’m currently reading)

I think that covers what my current notebook goals are, now to make it happen 🙂


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