Fun weekend

Yesterday we went to the Heart of Dixie railroad museum, where they have the pumpkin patch express. It was great to spend the afternoon with Brandon and Carson. We rode the train out to the pumpkin patch, jumped in the bouncer, took a hayride and picked out a small pumpkin for Carson.

Today I took Carson down to mom and dad’s house. He did his usual, play in the dirt with Dusty, talk to the animals, ride the tractor and polaris. Grandmother D came over and visited with us for a while. I can’t wait until our house get’s built and we can move down there. I find myself dreaming about it alot lately. It will be nice for me and Carson.


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so today I’m taking the plunge. So much has been going on in our life lately that I don’t even know where to start. We just sold our house after having it on the market in 9 days. We now live in a cramped apartment until our house is built.

Carson is getting soooo big. He is into EVERYTHING, there’s no stopping him. He has learned to say “no” and he’s not afraid to use it. It is fun watching his personality develop. I love how head strong he is, just like me and his dad. I struggle daily with how to parent him. Brandon and I both believe in gentle parenting so figuring out how to get through to a 1 year old is challenging. I feel so blessed to be his mom and get to spend every day with him. I really try to make everyday fun for him.